HometheAlita AI Policy

theAlita AI Policy

At theAlita.com, we are committed to providing our users with a powerful platform for sales and marketing outreach. Two of our core company values include be customer obsessed and move with focus and urgency. The exciting breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) means we’ve updated our products and features to include the most advanced and cutting edge technologies to help our users prospect more efficiently, and prospect better. As part of these commitments, we leverage various third-party providers in the AI space to enhance our services and capabilities, and will continue to do so for certain product features.

To do this, theAlita.com may use user-generated content, and its proprietary data as inputs to the machine learning models from these third-party providers. This allows us to provide more accurate and relevant recommendations to our users. Apollo will never share user-generated content with third-party providers for the purposes of algorithm enhancement, however, without disclosing it first to customers and obtaining customer consent.

We take our responsibility to protect our users’ data seriously, and we are committed to providing transparency and control over how user-generated content is used. As such, we provide the following disclosures:
Features that rely on third-party AI platforms will be disclosed in-app through a special marker, designation, or hovering-enabled explanatory note.

AI features will be blocked in countries that have disabled ChatGPT or similar products, via scanning of IP addresses.
No personally identifiable information or sensitive information of data subjects is processed via any AI third-party providers.
We regularly review and update our policies and procedures to ensure compliance with applicable data protection regulations and industry best practices.
Users can contact us to understand further at info@theAlita.com

This page will always be updated with the latest content on theAlita’s use of AI. The current list of third-party AI providers integrated into theAlita is as follows:

OpenAI: OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research organization that provides machine learning and natural language processing technologies. We use OpenAI’s technologies to improve our platform’s functionality, including features like automated email personalisation and other email messaging purposes.

The information that is shared from a customer to OpenAI via theAlita’s AI-enabled products include: the customer’s company’ s business and value proposition description; the customer’s target prospects’ company description; the target prospect’s business-related social profile.