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Through our Big Data & AI application, we have developed the CrawlAI algorith for collecting from public source in the internet.

We also partnership with many data companies for building Alita Platform. The mission is to help you find potential customers for your business and increase sales

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Data collection & verification process

We search & process data from public sources on the internet through AI algorithms and data processing steps to provide you with the most accurate and latest data

Step 1: Crawling Public Data

Facing challenges is unavoidable. We demonstrate the ability to recover from difficulties.

Step 2: Data Processing

We allocate our time, effort, resources, and energy towards activities that will generate the greatest effect.

Step 3: Data Matching

We share our opinions without regard for opposing views, but once a decision is reached.

Step 4: Machine Learning & AI

We conduct ourselves with respect, honesty, and confidence, without ever displaying arrogance.

Step: Verification & Updating

We recognize that adversity is a part of life, but we maintain a positive and resilient mindset.

Got questions?
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What is Alita Platform ?

The Platform applies AI & Big Data to allow users to build social segmentation based on user behavior on social networks

What does Alita work ?

Based on your first data sample and target audience requirements, the Alita system will propose your social segmentation. You can also create B2B lead sets from the Alita system for marketing services

How much does Alita cost ?

Subscription cost is 50 credit per month & You will pay credits corresponding to the number of profiles you download. 
Please check the pricing listing: https://docs.thealita.com/product-guides/pricing


Is Alita legit ?

TheAlita system is 100% legal, we use crawling of public sources from the internet and partner with top 30 data partners who are entitled to share data.

We comply with regulations regarding the protection of user data: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

What does Alita do ?

1. Analyze & suggestion social segmentation based on user behavior for performance marketing
2. B2B database for lead Generation


how can we paid ?

You can buy credits through secure payment methods: Paypal, Stripe, GPay
See detail the payment: https://docs.thealita.com/payment-and-contact/buy-credit

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