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Boost your marketing performance over +40%

One platform enables you to integrate 1st data with social data, allowing you to generate millions of potential customer profiles. This empowers your marketing campaigns to be more precise and effective, delivering results that surpass traditional methods by over +40%

Alita has been voted by users as one of the top 5 companies in DaaS (Data As a Service), along with,,, and

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From AI & Big Data

The platform is built upon 5 AI systems and 9 big data partners. It helps you build a social segmentation for your digital marketing campaigns.

Analyze Customer Data

Using AI algorithms to enrich customer data based on similar behavior on social networks

Behavior Segmentation

Initializing potential segments with Big data based on a million social customer behavior sets on social networks


Leveraging big data with multiple data points allows for the execution of multi-channel marketing campaigns

Segmentation with Email

Connect with more than +30 top email marketing platforms in the world: Mailchimp, SendInBlue, Amazon SES, Elastic Email …

Segmentation with Phone

Direct connection with major advertising platforms, SMS & OTT marketing channels:: Facebook, Google, Tiktok, Youtube, WhatsApp, Viber, Twillo, Bandwidth

Live Segments Update Real-time

The data system is always updated based on user activities on social networks and trends

User Activies

The data is constantly updated with 85% accuracy based on user activity on social media networks

Social Trends

The system always provides data segmentations from events and trends on social media that are of high interest to many people

Our Features

Some highlights features of the Alita Platform.

Cloud Segmentation

The first and only online platform allows you can store and enrich your customer segmentation.

Behavior Segmentation

Big data provides a Database of more than +2M user behavior on social networks and is always updated.

Collect and Analyze

Using AI algorithms to enrich customer data based on similar behavior on social networks.


The ability to integrate with other business systems: CRM, marketing automation, and e-commerce platforms.

Personalize Communication

Personalizing content for potential customer segments to increase marketing efficiency.


Can be applied to many digital channels with the segment: Email marketing, Paid Media, SMS & OTT Platforms

Boost Marketing Performance from AI & Big Data

More than +12.000 clients have used TheAlita and generated more than +220,000 segments and saved over $4.2M in marketing budget per month.

Enhanced efficiency, optimized cost savings

Our Alita team always optimizes the platform that helps you increase campaign performance more effectively and economically every day.
Rodney H – Head of Product

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